Ritzer, G. (1993), ‘The McDonaldisation of Society: an introduction’ in The McDonaldisation of Society:an investigation into the changing character of contemporary social life, California: Pine Forge Press, 1-17.

This text highlights Mcdonaldisation as a process by which the the principles of fast food industries are becoming a global domination. McDonalds, is a global business starting within the United States and expanding over seas. Reaping profits of $800 million dollars. Other chains around the world in all areas of retail want to follow this success and come under the ‘Mcdonaldisation’. “McDonald’s has come to occupy a central place in popular culture.” (1993, Ritzer, G.) The fast food restaurant has branded itself and is instantly recognisable and other companies want to follow suit.

The fast food model is followed by many different aspects in our lives. McDonalds quickly moves us from hunger to feeling full, this has been adapted and applied to a range of aspects throughout our lives such as filling cars with petrol, completing prescriptions and many other services. Our lives follow the fast food model of we want it here and now.