Bryman, A. (2004), ‘Hybrid consumption’ in The Disneyization of Society, London: Sage, 57-77

The key idea of hybrid consumption is getting people to stay for longer and therefore spend more. If you feel good where you are, then people want to stay longer. ‘The goal of hybrid consumption sites is to give people as many reasons as possible for staying at the sites. The more needs that can be met, the longer visitors will stay and the more money they will spend. Also, there are more reasons for visiting them in the first place so that they become destinations in their own right’ (Bryman, 2004). Hybrid Consumption combines a range of commodities for example in Disney world a popular holiday destination, the park provides a holiday with hotel, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. These elements together create a Hybrid of consumption.

‘Hybrid consumption is not new: what Is new is the systematic way in which different forms of consumption are being tied together with the goal of turning places into destinations where visitors will stay longer.’ (Bryman, 2004).

Hybrid theory of consumption can be seen in all areas around the world such as Cruise ships, Airport terminals, Museums, Zoos, Sports grounds and many more. The hybrid theory is presented to us as a way of being able to experience and see more than just a way of getting people to consume.