Williams. R,J, (2004) The Anxious City: British Urbanism in the Late 20th Century: Routledge.

In the instance of Canary Wharf we see buildings constructed without British input, The buildings are very much American in style tall sky scrappers built with all imported materials. Even the workers were from Ireland, Germany and the US. This creates a sense of loss of British history. The place also feels uncomfortable due to the way that it is constructed. Each building is strongly guarded and security checks are rigorous only those who have specific purpose for being around and within these buildings are allowed, or what we perceive to be as allowed. A sense of fear is instilled throughout these checks and tight security. However this also allows a sense of freedom. Those who pass through the bag checks, have their identification approved and are allowed into the central point of the building feel free to go about their business without a care.

However, even though this cold hard perhaps non-british feel surrounds the streets within Canary Wharf it also attracts and amazes huge amounts of visitors. The grand scale of the buildings attracts, the cleanliness and organisation creates a sense of wonder. When here you feel a million miles away from the rest of London. Even though visitors have no where to particularly stay within the concrete giants they still feel welcome and leave feeling fulfilled.